Chili FAQ’s & Contact Info

When & Where?

Carolinas Chili Championship (open to public) 

Saturday – October 22, 2022

McClancy Corp. Headquarters

Gates open at 11

McClancy’s Chili Masters Cookoff (cook’s only event)

Sunday – October 23, 2022 

McClancy Corp. Headquarters 


How much are tickets?

Admission to the grounds is free.  Chili tasting tickets will be available for purchase the day of the event for $2/ticket.  Credit cards will be accepted. Attendees purchasing tasting tickets will receive a napkin and spoon. Our main source of revenue is tasting ticket sales.


ONLY HANDICAP AND MOTORCYCLE PARKING WILL BE ON THE MCCLANCY GROUNDS!!! Parking will be located next door on the Crossridge Campus and will be marked by signage. Parking will be on a first come, first serve basis and will only be allowed in designated parking spots (do not park on the grass).

Is there a youth division?

Yes! The CCC has added a youth division this year. Contact us for more information.

Will power and water be provided?

No – cook teams should prepare to use a gas cooktop to heat and serve chili. Hand washing stations will be provided but no running water will be available. Please plan accordingly.

Are pets allowed at the cookoff?

No. Although we love friendly pets, due to the food nature of this event we believe it would be best if your furry friends sat this one out.

How can I be a judge for the cookoff?

Reach out to us using the “contact us” form and let us know you would like to participate in judging!

What to Bring?

The following list is provided to help you plan for what you may need throughout the day

– Pop-up 10 x 10 canopy/tent
– Weights/stakes to secure your canopy
– Decorations to liven up your tent
– Team banner
– 1 or 2 folding table(s) prep and cooking
– Table covers
– 1-2 Propane cooking stoves (one burner for each pot of chili you are making)
– Propane fuel
– Stove lighter
– Fire extinguisher
– 1 – 2 rolls of paper towels
– Chairs
– Cooler(s) for raw meat
– Cooler(s) for other ingredients / beverages
– Single use gloves
– Sharp knifes
– Mixing bowls
– Colander (for rinsing meat/veggies, etc.)
– Measuring spoons
– Cutting Boards / Food Chopper
– Hot Pad Holders
– Aprons
– Zip Ties
– Extra spices
– Bottled water/beverages for drinking
– Trash bags

Safe Food Handling Supplies:
– Thermometer to monitor food temperature
– Hand sanitizer
– Three water pans for wash/rinse/sanitize
– Water for cleaning
– Dish Soap
– Sanitizing wipes
– Bleach/sanitizing tablets

If you are cooking CCC Open / People’s Choice:
– Chili pots
– Spoon for stirring Chili
– Small ladle for serving 2 oz cups* to the public
– Two – five gallons premade chili premade
Or ingredients to make 2 – 5 gallons on-site + Recipes
Tip: It can get hectic at times so most experienced competitors pre-measure their spices
*2 oz cups, spoons & napkins provided by the CCC

The Cook Site

Cook teams will be assigned a 12’ X 12’ site on the lawn.
Cook teams will be given an ample supply of 2 oz tasting cups along with a few napkins and spoons for attendees who misplace theirs. Other than that, if you will need it, you need to bring it.

If you forget something, no worries. We will have a Cook’s Pantry stocked with spices, chili fixings, and other items to help you out.
We ask you only provide a 1 – 1½ oz serving of chili in exchange for a tasting ticket. Be advised, any team handing out chili to attendees without tickets will be disqualified from all competitions & prizing.

You may be asked to taste your own chili, so if you would not eat it, you should not hand it out to the public.

How to Contact Us: